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In India, about one million people enter the job market every month. The jobs being generated are nowhere close to this figure. In the modern world, this increasing competition has led to organizations looking at a wide variety of skills with communication, confidence and social skills being at the pinnacle of this. While lack of social skills and low confidence is a problem for students from different fields, this problem exists more amongst engineers. This results in a large majority of engineers not getting the jobs they desire.

All the top CEOs in the world have great social skills. Infact as you go up the ladder, it is social skills which count for the most rather than your technical knowledge. For instance, one of the first people in America business to be paid a salary of over a million dollars a week was Charles Schwab. Why was he paid so much? Because he was a genius or had the most technical knowledge? No. Schwab says he was paid this high salary because of his ability to deal with people (communication skills). Amongst the top 5 skills required for a job, strong communication skills have always been a part of that.

This problem has tried to be resolved in the past. However, the already existing companies charge a bombshell of money and usually require the person to go to a physical location.

Keeping all this in mind, we present to you the perfect solution to this problem Confiapp. The app will give you a topic to speak on for a pre- specified time period (30 sec,1min or 2min). While doing so it will record your audio or video which can be rated by us, your friends or our experts (paid).

This is the best way to invest your time in yourself and improve exponentially. There will be visible results within a couple of weeks. Confiapp is the best way to master the art of speaking may it be a job interview, communication with peers or a speech. You will feel more confident which will also be reflected in your body language.

Please write to us and give us suggestions to constantly improve our app


“Confiapp” is here with a vision to be the number 1 choice of the college students to improve their social skills, communication skills, confidence and help get hired for their dream job. We aim to become the number 1 app for enhancing the confidence and communication skills of youths and providing them the right resources to realize their true potentials.

  1. 1. Confiapp offers a cost- friendly way to solve a large problem
  2. 2.It does not require for you to give it much time. However, you must be regular and do this everyday.
  3. 3. It does not require for you to go to a physical location
  4. 4. You hear from our experts at a very low cost.


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